World Thyroid day at Peshawar

Pakistan Endocrine society is celebrating world thyroid day public awareness seminar this year in Peshawar on 25th may 2014 at PC Peshawar in collaboration with Mir Khalilur Rehman foundation. President of the society, Prof A.H.Aamir, General secretary Dr. Ali Jawa, Executive member from Karachi Prof Zaman Sheikh, Joint secretary Dr.Osama Ishtiaq and Dr. Faisal Qureshi […]

CME at Mardan Medical Complex

PES next CME has been scheduled on Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 at Mardan. The program will be consisting of four talks: Diabetes management in the light of new guidelines. Professor Dr A. H. Aamir. Short stature: When to start growth hormone?  Dr Sobia Sabir Ali  Dyslipedemia: Does everybody need a statin? DR Ibrar Ahmed and […]

CME at Rahim Yar Khan

PES IS MEETING AT RAHIM YAR KHAN ON 5TH OCTOBER 2013 PES is meeting on 5th October at Rahim Yar Khan fro CME. Speakers. Prof. A.H.Aamir Dr.Faisal masood DR.Khurram Shahid For information contact: Dr. Faisal masood:0300-8636342

CME at SWAT valley

PES is meeting for CME in Swat valley on 31st August 2013 (SATURDAY) at Sareena Hotel 12.00MD. Pakistan Endocrine Society has organized CME for local doctors at Swat Valley. This event has been organized with collaboration of Professor Aziz Ahmed who is Professor of Medicine at Saidu Medical college. Topics include: Diabetes treatment in the […]

CME AT Sukkur

PES is meeting on August 29th 2013 in Sukkur. Pakistan Endocrine Society has arranged CME AT Sukkur on 29th August, 2013. Speakers: Dr. ALI A. JAWA DR. ZAKIR ALAVI DR. SAEED A MAHER

Basic Endocrinology for Family physicians at Nawabshah

22nd April CME at NAWABSHAH (Sindh) postponted to 15th May 2013 CME activity of Pakistan Endocrine society at NAWABSHAH has been now rescheduled to  15th May 2013 due to  limited availability of local speakers. This activity will feature talks on PCOS by  Prof.Dr. Zaman sheikh , Hyperthyriodism and its management by Dr. Saeed A Maher […]

World Thyroid Day by PES on 25th May 2013

Pakistan Endocrine Society Joins International event of World Thyroid Awareness day in Pakistan in year 2013 at Karachi on 25th May 2013 . Endocrinologists from across the country will participate in this public awareness activity to share views with public and remove misconceptions regarding thyroid diseases in the community. Pakistan Endocrine Society had taken the […]