PES 1st Sindh Chapter CME of 2016 at Khairpur



A seminar was organized by Pakistan Endocrine Society, Sindh Chapter, in collaboration with Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur Mir’s, Sindh on 16 March, 2016. This was 3rd. in series of provincial CME programs, followed by Programs at LUMHS, Jamshoro and Mirpur Khas.

Principal of the College, Professor MashoorAlam Shah was the chief guest on this event. This seminar was attended by large number of family physicians, faculty members and medical students. Due to large number of registered audience, two overflow rooms were arranged with latest AV system. Speakers were Prof. M. Zaman Shaikh, Prof MashoorAlam Shah, Dr. Aisha Sheikh and Dr. Nanik Ram.

On this occasion,Co-coordinator of the program and Vice President of PES, Sindh Chapter,Prof. M.Zaman Shaikh, welcomed the guests on the behalf of PES and highlighted the achievements of the Society, like introduction of the post-graduate course in Endocrinology, making latest guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes, awarding research and travel grants to post-graduates, previous academic seminars symposia and conferences, including its international roles in the organizations like SAFES and AACE.

Professor Zaman Shaikh also talked on “Update on Thyroid Failure.” He said that due to non- specific sign and symptoms in the early stages of hypothyroidism, patients may land at the clinics of Rheumatologists, psychiatrists, Dermatologists and Cardiologists. Therefore index of suspicion should be high to make correct diagnosis.  He discussed investigation protocols and updates in the management ofhypothyroidism and myxedema coma.

The chief guest Prof. MashoorAlam Shah spoke on this occasion and highlighted the need of establishing Khairpur Medical College and informed about various academic achievements so far. He emphasized the role of prevention in various communicable and non-communicable diseases. He highlighted the joint role and efforts  of LHWs, Government officials of Health departments, and medical colleges to achieve this goal. He also talked on Diabetes: “Past, Present and Future”. He said that diabetes causes 5% of all deaths globally every year. Upto 80% of type 2 diabetes is preventable diseases by life style modifications. He said that causes of rise in the prevalence are population aging, unhealthy diet, sedentary life style and obesity. He mentioned in detail historical back ground, current status and future prospectus of diabetes.


Dr. Nanik ram spoke on “Male Hypogonadism”. He said that adult androgen deficiency or “Andropause” is quite common and contributes to metabolic syndrome. He said that while considering the etiology, androgen resistance must be considered.

Dr Aisha sheikh highlighted deleterious effect of poor glycemic control on fetal outcome. She emphasized the need of pre conception counselling. She said that Diabetes affects pregnancy and pregnancy affects diabetes. Drugs like ACE inhibitors and ARBs must be stopped before trying to conceive. She said that retinopathy may  worsen during pregnancy. Metformin  andGlibenclamide are safe during pregnancy and lactation.

ProfessorJavedphulpoto, HOD of department of Medicine presented vote of thanks. In the end, traditional AJRAK and SINDHI TOPI (caps) were distributed to all the guests. This was followed by lively Question and Answer session and Hi-Tea.