PES 2nd Punjab Chapter CME of 2016

The proceedings of the Second Pakistan Endocrine Society Punjab- AACE Pakistan chapter CME-2016, held at Flatties hotel Lahore on Saturday  29th April, 2016.

Prof. Javed Akram, Vice Chancellor, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, PIMS, Islamabad and Prof Tariq Waseem, King Edward Medical University, Lahore were chairpersons of the session.The meeting was attended by 100+ Family Physicians from Lahore. 2 credit hour CME certificates by SZABMU, Islamabad were given to participants immediately after the conclusion of the CME activity.

15:00- 15:15 PM
Welcome and Introduction
Prof Ali Jawa

15:15- 15: 40 pm
Recent Advancements in the management of Hyperthyroidism
Prof Khurshid Khan

15:40-16:05 pm
Evaluation and Management of Male Infertility
Prof Ali Jawa

16:05-16:30 pm
Evaluation and Management of Female Infertility
Dr. Fawad Ahmad Randhawa

16:30- 16:55 pm
New Advancements in T2DM Management
Dr. Imran Hassan Khan

Q & A Session

All the Speakers and Chairperson

Closing Remarks by the chairpersons Prof.Javed Akram and Prof Tariq Waseem

Meeting Summary

Welcome and Introduction

Prof.Dr Javed Akram and Prof Tariq Waseem, chairs of the meeting was introduced by Prof Ali Jawa. He then welcomed the audience and share the objectives of the meeting which were:

1-    Review the new advancements in the management of Hyperthyroidism

2-    Evaluation and Management of male and female infertility

3-    New advancements in T2DM management

Prof Khurshid Khan initiated his talk with overview of basic physiology of hyperthyroidism, followed by the etiology, symptoms, signs, lab tests and management regimen available. Management consideration in special situations such as pregnancy and subclinical hyperthyroidism were very described in detail.

Prof Ali Jawa discussed the causes of infertility in males. After a broad overview, he further elaborated upon the endocrine aspect of male infertility and management considerations.

Dr. Fawad Ahmad Randhawa discussed the causes, evaluation and management considerations of female infertility. He was able to very elegantly dispel common misconceptions among the family physicians regarding PCOS.

Dr. Imran Hassan Khan provided the overview of available treatment regimens for type-2 diabetes management. His talk was very well received by the audience owing to his unique style of blending local concerns with global recommendations.

Question Answers well well addressed by the honorable speakers

Dr. Altaf Cheema, Vice President of Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians,  shared his views on behalf of the family physicians. He was very much appreciative of all the speakers who shared a very precise and concise talk on 4 practical topics.

Prof Dr. Javed Akram and Prof Tariq Waseem thanked all the speakers and the sponsoring company Pharmevo. They summarized and commented on the talks given in a very concise yet comprehensive manner.

Dr. Ali Jawa thanked the audience for their active and enthusiastic participation.  He reminded the participants about the upcoming PES mid-summer meeting may 13th, 14th and 15th at Muzaffarabad. Afterwards, the meeting was adjourned