National Diabetes Prevention (NDP) Program !ذیابیطس سے بچاؤ کا قومی پروگرام

Diabetes is a significant and growing challenge globally that affects individuals, families and society. The Magnitude of Diabetes in Pakistan becoming too high. There are an estimated 6.7 million people with diabetes, a prevalence of 7.6% and it is predicted that by 2035 the number of people with diabetes will nearly double to 12.8 million. Out of diagnosed diabetics, 50% (1.7 million) receive treatment and only 30% (500 thousand) of diagnosed cases achieving treatment targets. Behind these startling numbers lies a deeply human tragedy – 10 people die every hour in Pakistan from diabetes-related causes and the incidence of heart attacks and strokes is significantly increased.

Among the environmental factors involved in causing diabetes, physical inactivity, obesity and fat distribution as well as certain nutritional trends emerge as the major causes of deterioration of glucose tolerance. Both obesity and physical inactivity increase insulin resistance. Exercise has been shown to have a protective effect against Type 2 diabetes. It has a beneficial effect in improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Thus primary prevention of diabetes can be achieved by decreasing insulin resistance through correction of obesity and increased physical activity and by the promotion of healthy nutritional trends (reduction in the consumption of fat and refined carbohydrates and increase in fiber content of the diet). Given the scale of the challenge, it is clear that diabetes requires an urgent response. In view of the high magnitude of already established cases of diabetes there is also a pressing need to act on Prevention, robust awareness initiatives should be taken both disease, complications, disabilities and preventive measures could be taken to safeguard the society.

According to WHO, Prevention is the Best Buy and Pakistani Population may be protected from this epidemic. In line with that, Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) decided to play its pivotal role and launching National Diabetes Prevention (NDP) Program.

The objective of the National Diabetes Prevention (NDP) Program is to serve as a platform, made alliance with family physicians, Corporates and society to run Public Awareness Campaign on a large scale for Diabetes Prevention. The purpose of this campaign is to create a network of committed Doctors Community and Societal influencers who can drive the agenda forward on diabetes prevention and care in Pakistan.

According to a Research, improving the population’s life expectancy by one year is associated with a 4% improvement in gross national product & informing people information about the importance of Prevention and following a healthy lifestyle can prevent more than 50% of cases of impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes. We shall Promote the Awareness Programs on diabetes for the community, through the print and electronic media, meetings and gatherings.

National Diabetes Prevention (NDP) Program would be a focused public awareness programme for diabetes which will be developed and implemented accordingly.