Term 2019-2020

Executive Members

Dr. Awais Masood

MBBS, Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine. Diplomate American Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Doctors Hospital, Lahore

Dr. Masood graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore in 2000. He received postgraduate training in the USA. He initially worked as a research fellow at the University of Maryland, with Dr. Hansen in Obesity and Diabetes research center (ODRC). Thereafter he joined St.Agnes Health care (an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD) and was awarded resident of the year. He received board certification in Internal Medicine in 2008. His interests in the field of endocrinology lead him to his fellowship at the prestigious institute of the University of Florida 2014-2016. Dr.Masood is a board-certified Endocrinologist and provides consultative, diagnostic, treatment and management of a wide spectrum of disorders. He is one of the few endocrinologists worldwide who has received endocrine certification in neck ultrasound (ECNU). (Registry of ECNU certified physicians can be accessed through AACE website – www.aace.com/ecnu and click on Registry) Dr.Masood brings home extensive experience and committed to providing the highest standards and quality for patient safety. He has a vision of advancing the care of diabetics especially type 1 diabetic patient with the introduction of insulin pump therapy and CGM (Continuous glucose monitoring). His area of special interest is thyroid disease, thyroid nodule and thyroid cancer.