Obesity & Updates

PES KP chapter had a very successful CME at PC Peshawar on Friday, January 26, 2018, in collaboration with the AACE Pakistan chapter. The participation was overwhelming, touching the figure of 500. Apart from Physicians, special to this CME was participation by surgeons. Dr. Ibrar Ahmad set the stage by introducing PES and it’s a role in educating the health caregivers, followed by a talk by Prof. Dr. A.H. Aamir on Obesity and AACE Obesity guidelines.
2nd talk was by Dr. Ibrar Ahmad on Pre-diabetes and Obesity as two sides of a single coin. The last talk was by guest speaker Dr. Javed Ahmad Raza, renowned Bariatric & metabolic surgeon from Abu Dhabi, UAE. He talked on, bariatric surgery and it’s metabolic benefits